End of Year message from the Australian Designee

End of Year message from the Australian Designee

As we prepare for the end of year break I wanted to reach out to the Australian WMDK membership and to each of you say thank you for organising your lives as you continue your pursuit of our art.

This was no ordinary year, and there will be significant impacts for some time, yet you have maintained a link, reflected, and taken action by adopting and embracing new ways to connect. Regardless of your rank, from 9th gup to senior Ko Dan Ja whenever you take action, you inspire your peers, your teachers and the seniors of our art. So thank you.

While navigating the disruption, there has been a range of new training options many of you have used, this has required herculean efforts by your Do Jang leaders and TAC.  The TAC are to be commended for this commitment particularly with the finalising of grading requirements. Do Jang operators have shown tenacity and steadfastness – In Neh on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All have suffered financial hardship and spent many late nights figuring out how to maintain an effective rhythm to provide the membership a path to continue the Soo Bahk Do education. And our art continues, directly because of their dedication, and they deserve our thanks.

The ASBDMDK Federation and its office bearers have maintained their efforts providing a structure where our art is safely administered. The Youth program has lots of energetic bursts of growth and has its eyes on the horizon as we chart new situations. The foundation and direction encourages confidence in the future.

The 75th celebration was very successful due to powerful efforts by a tight band of operators including key Australian personnel. Australia’s direct involvement in the 75th event provided a high level of professionalism and continuity. When ever you have the opportunity please keep the connections with those you engaged with and keep a ‘Oneness’ and a living link with the members throughout the world.

As the Australian Designee there has been regular engagement with Senior MDK members supporting the future direction and development of our art. Additionally, ongoing coordination as the Chairperson of the WMDK Symposium and now weekly contributions as the Chairperson of the newly formed Sa Jei Ji Gahn committee as it actively supports the worldwide membership.

So all of this activity, knowing the commitment of our Do Jang operators and the strength of our administration, the productive knowledgeable TAC, the energetic youth program please have confidence in the longevity as we are guided along the path of our ancient art.  As we share time with our loved ones and friends over the summer break remember we will all be here in 2021.

Your seniors will be putting on our Do Boks and turning up early to the Do Jangs whether they be in our garages, community/school halls or dedicated facilities. Our art connects us.


A big merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all of you and your families.


Kriton Glenn

Australian Designee

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